Black Lotus – a very rare Magic card

Black Lotus is the most important artifact in the Magic the Gathering universe. Rivaled only in power through the other eight cards with the power nine, the Black Lotus remains even today a staple of nearly all competitive vintage decks. Being a card associated with immense power, it can not only swing a game title, it is also an incredibly sought collectors item.
Magic the Gathering – Black Lotus

Invented in 1993 by simply Richard Garfield, Magic the Gathering is a earth spread strategic card game tinkered with 60-card decks. Two opposing wizards fling spells and summon animals, represented by the greeting cards, to battle each various other. Black Lotus, arguably the best and definitely essentially the most valuable card is a powerful artifact that enables supercharged spell-casting. In tournament play, the card is only allowed inside vintage format. It is also tied to just a single copy with your deck. The sheer power-level on the card has banned it from all the formats but vintage, arguably the most action packed strategy to play magic.
History of the Black Lotus

It is only printed within the first three print operates, Alpha, Beta and Unlimited (Black Lotus @wikipedia). The first two stated sets have black borders while unlimited has whitened borders. It is a “rare” card and that is the highest rarity, making Black Lotus a scarce and highly sought after collectible. Getting a lotus in a very booster is not feasible anymore, but you can nonetheless purchase it. Well, actually, it is possible to get it in a increaser, there are still a number of uncracked packs circulating amid diehard collectors. The price often far outweighs the value of the cards you’re planning to get in the pack though.

Magic the Gathering Black Lotus.

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